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1925. An important year in the history of Burdwan Town School. The idea of Govt. school is gaining ground at this time. In this very year Mr. Griffiith, School Inspector of Burdwan Division, proposed that Burdwan Municipal School be divided into two parts for the smooth run of it because the number of students of that school was 800 and that of the teacher was 30. Almost simultaneously Moulana Abdul Kasem, then Council Member from Burdwan, staked a strong demand with the Government for a District Govt. School. It is interesting to note that there were 28 districts in five Administrative Divisions of Undivided Bengal, and all the districts had District Govt. Schools except Burdwan and Mednapur. With this view the Government chose a big Garden House to the south-west of the then court (Kachary Bari). 27 bighas of land with two ponds, a beautifully decorated two storied building and fruit orchard was purchased from Gatiprakash Nandey by the Govt. for Rs102000.00 and PLAN FOR THE PROPOSED BURDWAN ZILLA SCHOOL BUILDING was submitted with the Municipality of Burdwan for its sanction and permission. But Gandhi started his Non- Cooperation Movement that upset all the plans for the school. The Govt. then decided to establish a good school of indigenous nature. Accordingly, decision was taken to establish Burdwan Town School under a strong Managing Committee and the expenditure would be borne by the Government. The school will have the gravity and status of a Zilla School.

1924. The Managing Committee of Burdwan Municipal High School was directed by the Govt. that 250 students be sent to Burdwan Town School, refusal of which would court the refusal of Govt. Aids. Though angered, the managing committee of the school agreed with the proposal but demanded Rs500.00 as additional aid and the teachers, being surplus for lower number of students, should be recruited in Town School, which was immediately approved by the Govt. It was agreed that 280 students be chosen by the Managing Committee of Burdwan Municipal High School but the surplus teachers be chosen by the Govt. As per agreement, Mr. Murarimohon Ghosh, Mr. Bijoykrishna Mondal, Mr. Chandidas Chattopadhyay, Mr. Dharmadas Choudhury, Mr. Bhairav Chakraborty and two other teachers were given permanent appointments by the then Headmaster Mr. Upendranath Bandyopadhyay of Burdwan Municipal High School for this school and himself took them to the school at 10o’clock on 8th February in 1925 . Burdwan Town School started its walk under the leadership of the newly appointed Headmaster Mr. Panchkary Sarkar. But 2nd February is celebrated every year as its Foundation Day for its official recognition as a Govt. aided school.

Burdwan Town School, though not a Zilla School in the record of the Government, gained and achieved such a reputation which is no less than that of a Zilla School. It was a small school in a vast field of 12 acres approximately; the number of students was less than that of Municipal School. The attention of all the people of the elite society turned to this school, and they took their sons to this school from different schools of the area. Ironically, there was a time when all the sons of all the 1st Class Government servants and the Zilla Judges were the students of this school along with the other students from the well established families of that elite society of Burdwan.
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The school has its own identity which is significantly reflected in its innovative Logo, which is used in every official paper of the school. This Logo was first developed by Janab Abdus Sattar, the then Vernacular and Art teacher of the school in the year 1975.
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